The Only Recycled Chicken Coop
Unlike every other coop available to buy, The Recycled Chicken Coop is unique – it doesn’t need cleaning out every few days. Our deep litter tray means you can go three to four months without having to clean out your coop – you can now go on holidays again! You’ll then have dynamite compost, ready to be used directly on your garden.

Like every other poultry keeper, the two words you dread most are Red Mite! If infected, these pesky little critters come out at night and feed off the blood of your chickens. Once you have red mite they are fiendishly difficult to get rid of.

It is impossible to guarantee that you will never get infected but The Recycled Chicken Coop has been designed to try our very best to stop Red Mite getting established and accessing your chickens and if your flock are unfortunate enough to become infected, we have hopefully made it easy to disinfect your coop effectively.

Each of our coops is unique – we have scoured the streets, rummaged through skips and scrap yards to source materials to build each one. Every coop will have a unique reference number.

The wood stain used is a combination of vinegar, rusty nails and tea! To get the dark stain takes five coats. Did you know Red Mite hate the smell of vinegar? (see above)

The only materials that currently are not either organic or recycled are the screws, brackets and locks used to keep the coop together and the varnish to keep the wood water resistant. (We use Polyvine varnish, a water-based varnish).

We also designed our coops to be child-friendly and very easy to use. In the process we discovered that it’s wheelchair-friendly too!


Nature’s Compost Heaps
Chickens will eat everything we eat plus some. With the exception of onion, avocado and citrus skins, all our food waste is collected and given to the chickens. Plus they’ll eat your grass clippings – the more grass they eat, the yellower the eggs. Mulch your and your neighbours’ hedge clippings with your lawnmower and put it in their run. In 24 hours it will be gone. Ireland dumps 700,000 tonnes of brown waste every year. Imagine reducing that by 50%? All thanks to the humble chicken.


Purchase a coop
Every coop we produce is custom-made. We want to make sure the coop we make for you is just right, for you, your garden and your hens. Every coop we make takes time and TLC. We are not in the business of factory-line mass production, nor do we want to be. The world of ecological manufacturing involves care and attention, things that we have largely lost in our industrial age.


The Recycling Exchange
Are you interested in owning an environmentally-friendly, highly profitable franchise-type business?

The company that markets The Recycled Chicken Coop is based in Dublin, Ireland. If we were to try and export our Coops overseas, we would be met with barrage of red tape because they are made from waste materials. Those materials are readily available in every country worldwide. So why not share the knowledge of how to build the Coops with others? Welcome to The Recycling Exchange.

The Chicken Coop is the first of many exciting recycled products we have. Likewise, if you have an idea or know how to make something useful out of waste materials, we would love to hear from you. 

Please get in touch with us to investigate opportunities.


How it started, in my words…
In 2020, at the start of the first COVID lockdown, my wife, Jane, joked with me about getting chickens for our garden. It wasn’t long until the monotony of lockdown drove me to actually go out and get said chickens! I soon rediscovered a fascinating world I had not known since my childhood.

I also found a host of problems that came with the first couple of chicken coops I bought. There had to be a better way so I started thinking about creating a chicken coop that would solve these problems, while also being as environmentally-friendly as possible. The ideas kept coming and eventually The Recycled Chicken Coop was born!

Making ideas happen is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration. I need to thank a load of good people for their sweat……
The afore-mentioned Jane, for igniting the spark and putting up with me for all these years, my nephew Aaron for all his time and patience, Mahatma Hannah and Andy for sharing their creative genius, John at ANA Motors for his roof, Peter and Dermot for their building knowledge, Scrapyard Sean, the, TechCreate, The Rediscovery Centre, John Kelly’s top quality tunes and for all the ideas – The Internet!

“Do it, Review it, Change it! “
Glenn Shekleton – Founder – The Recycling Exchange Ltd